VLC Player Not Playing Multicast Stream

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Attempting to play a multicast stream from Windows VLC Player, was seeing the IGMP Snooping picking up something from my machine, but not the join to the specific group (channel/stream) I was trying to view.

I was attempting to get to a stream: udp://@

Slot-1 switch1.26 # show igmp group | include 1:32   2   vlan1       1:32     64       2   vlan1       1:32     60       2   vlan1       1:32     66


To resolve the problem, it turned out to be VirtualBox, as described in: https://superuser.com/questions/889007/vlc-udp-network-stream-does-not-work-in-windows-but-does-in-linux

Essentially just either disabling the VirtualBox Interface or setting a specific metric as shown below resolved the issue, so changing from “Automatic” to 5.

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