HPE Nimble Storage – Change Target IQN Following a Group Name Change

Nimble Storage

We were conducting a data centre relocation which involved moving an HPE Nimble Storage array, changing the array name and group is straight forward enough, this can be done from the GUI within the “Hardware” section. However once changed clients still see the old group name which included the old name of the array.

Resolving this is quite straight forward, however you must ensure you do not have any clients actively consuming storage when you make the change.

Additionally you must ensure that all the volumes are offline before changing the group IQN (iSCSI Target Name).

First run this to see the current iSCSI Target Name:

group --info

You should see the target name, something like this:

iSCSI Target Name: iqn.2007-11.com.nimblestorage:oldsite-nimble-01-g511c610c21bb709a

To change it, you need to use the CLI, by running the following command:

group --edit --iscsi_target_name newsite-nimble-01-g511c610c21bb709a

You only need to specify the last part in the command, i.e. you don’t need to specify the “iqn.2007-11.com.nimblestorage:” in the command, this gets added automatically.

Once entered you then will see this when running the “group –info” command:

iSCSI Target Name: iqn.2007-11.com.nimblestorage:newsite-nimble-01-g511c610c21bb709a

As you can see its updated. Once the change is made you can online all your volumes and reconnect your iSCSI clients.

Depending on the iSCSI client the procedure is different but you should ensure the old iQN is removed (Static Target on VMware for example), and rescan the client to ensure it has picked up the new iQN name of the HPE Nimble Storage iSCSI Target.

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