Cheeky VMware ESXi iSCSI Storage Test Script (HPE Nimble Storage)

Nimble Storage

When building a new VMware ESXi host or when troubleshooting any storage issues, it can be quite laborious to test each possible path, especially when you have multiple storage arrays.

The script below makes this easy, just add the HPE Nimble Storage iSCSI Discovery IP Address(es) and then the iSCSI Storage Port IP Addresses as applicable and it will run through and test you if any connection paths are down. A useful script now that since NimbleOS 6.x the network topology forms a “full mesh” (when using Group Scoped Targeting rather than Volume Scoped Targeting).

To use the script, SSH to your host and put the script in the /tmp directory, set it to executable with “chmod +x”.

Then run it with “./”.

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