HPE DL360 Gen10Plus BIOS Admin Password


I’ve recently had a problem on some new servers where a BIOS Admin Password had been set by accident, HPE provide this as a solution on their forums: https://community.hpe.com/t5/proliant-servers-ml-dl-sl/how-do-i-disable-the-bios-admin-password-on-a-gen10-dl360/m-p/7166755#M178013

However the Gen10Plus (+) servers appear to be a bit different, upon entering the forward slash “/” on the end of the password to remove it, you get a warning saying “/” is an invalid character and the process does not work.

Instead the process was much more simple:

  1. When you get into the System Utilities menu (Boot –> F9 –> System Utilities –> System Configuration –> BIOS Platform Configuration (RBSU) –> Server Security), you have to click in the Set Admin Password box and press ENTER to input a password.
  2. Enter your current password, then to clear/delete/remove the existing password, just hit ENTER, i.e. leave the box blank. You’ll be informed the password has been changed.
  3. Save and exit, reboot, now the next time you try to get into the RBSU you’ll not see the password prompt.

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