Extreme Networks Bandwidth Throttling

Extreme Networks

You may need to limit bandwidth, perhaps for a customer, or for an area of your network to avoid issues that occur when they saturate links, knowingly or unknowingly.

In this example we’ll create a 20MBit Limit with a 250Kb burst, and we’ll make the switch drop anything that exceeds that limit. So in effect the VLAN that we’re applying to will be limited to 20Mbit of download and upgrade (ingress and egress) depending on how you look at it.


You need to perform three main steps:

  1. Create the Meter, specifying the limits.
  2. Create the Policy, specifying the matching criteria and meter.
  3. Apply the Policy to the required ports, either as Ingress or Egress or both.

Step 1 – Create the Meter

Create the meter with the required limits.

create meter Customer20G
configure meter Customer20G committed-rate 2 Gbps max-burst-size 250 Kb out-actions drop

Step 2 – Create Bandwidth Policy

Create the Bandwidth Limit policy file. You don’t need one per tenant, you can coexist many in a single file.

vi LimitBandwidth.pol

Create the entry with the matching criteria.

entry Custerom20G {
  if match all {
    vlan-id 4077;
 then {
    meter Customer20G;

Step 3 – Apply the Policy

Apply the policy to the port to start the bandwidth trottling.

configure access-list LimitBandwidth ports 40 ingress
configure access-list LimitBandwidth ports 40 egress

Monitor Metering

To see it in action:

show access-list meter "Customer20G" port 40 ingress
switch1.1 # show access-list meter "Customer20G" port 40 ingress
Policy Name      Vlan Name        Port
                       Committed   Max Burst  Out-of-Profile  Out-of-Profile
    Meter              Rate (Kbps) Size (K)   Action    DSCP  Packet Count
LimitBandwidth   *                40
    Customer20G         2000000     250000     Drop            675022569

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