Port Partitioning/Channelising Extreme Networks VOSS FabricEngine Switch

Extreme Networks

The Extreme Networks VOSS FabricEngine switches allow for the port partitioning (channelising) of a QSFP28 or QSFP+ port the same as is the case on an Extreme Networks XOS (SwitchEngine) switch. The following example details how this can be completed. The following was used to complete the testing and proof of operation:

  • Extreme Networks 7720-32C (FabricEngine:
  • Extreme Networks X620-16x (ExtremeXOS version
  • 1 x Extreme Networks Compatible Skeleton Adapter (QSFP+)
  • 2 x Extreme Networks Compatible SFP+ LR Transceiver

In this example 100Gbit QSFP28 interface which allows 100 or 40Gbit operation and which has inserted a QSFP+ (40Gbit) Skeleton adapter into which an SFP+ 10Gbit transceiver is inserted, is now split/parition/channelise into 4 x 10Gbit (SFP+), of which 1 x 10Gbit (SFP+) is available for use; the Skeleton adapter masks the other 3 channels and only allows 1 channel of 10Gbit SFP+ to be available for use.

With a QSFP28 skeleton adapter it is possible to split/partition/channelise into 4 x 25Gbit (SFP28), but this was not tested or verified.

Physical Connection

Connect the SFP+ module into the QSFP+ Skeleton adapter, then insert into the Extreme Networks VOSS/FabricEngine switch port, connect the cable, then insert the Extreme Networks XOS/SwitchEngine transceiver into that switch port as normal.

Extreme Networks VOSS/FabricEngine Switch Configuration

Configure the port for channelisation (partition):

int gig 1/9channelize enableexit

You’ll see this message:

Enabling channelization on port 1/9. Subport 1/9/1 will inherit port 1/9 configuration. Subports 2,3,4 will use default config.  QSFP will be reset as removal and re-insert.    NOTE: Modify QOS configurations on all subports as required.Do you wish to continue (y/n) ? y

You’ll now notice that on the Extreme Networks VOSS Switch, one flashing light above the port has now changed to 4, representing each channel.

Unlike XOS SwitchEngine no switch reboot is required…yay! However, you may need to remove and reinsert the skeleton adapter and GBIC to reset the port.

When using a “show interface gigabitethernet name”, you’ll now see the port channelised/partitioned into 4.

1/9/1             10GbLR              up       full     10000    Access
1/9/2             100GbNone-Channel   down     half     0        Access
1/9/3             100GbNone-Channel   down     half     0        Access
1/9/4             100GbNone-Channel   down     half     0        Access

Any configuration required to the port is now made to the 1/9/1 interface, rather than the 1/9 interface. To unconfigure a port for channelisation/partitioning perform the following:

int gig 1/9/1no channelize enableexit

You’ll see the following, and the port will be returned to its original un-channelised state.

Disabling channelization on port 1/9 will remove subports 2,3,4 including configuration parameters. Port 1/9 will inherit subport 1/9/1 configuration. QSFP will be reset as removal and re-insert.    NOTE: Modify QOS configurations on port 1/9 as required.Do you wish to continue (y/n) ? y

Extreme Networks XOS/SwitchEngine Switch Configuration

No additional configuration is required to enable the link and its operation with a channelised/partitioned port. Port configuration is as normal.

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