Clearing a Trial Licence (XOS/SwitchEngine)

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A trial licence is fine for testing some stuff, but if you need to remove it, for example when it causes you issues in a stack when the master thinks it on perimeter, but the backup is not.

Remove Licence (Option 1)

debug epm clear trial-license

Remove Licence (Option 2)

debug licMgr disable DEF-EVAL-PRMR
debug licMgr uninstall feature DEF-EVAL-PRMR

Verify Current Licence

show license
show license slot X

Removing Stacking Licence Level

unconfigure stacking slot 4 license-level

1 thought on “Clearing a Trial Licence (XOS/SwitchEngine)

  1. Here is an example, Slot 1 in this case had “Advanced Edge” we needed that to be removed. To do this perform the following steps:

    Slot-1 switchstack1.26 # clear license-info
    Are you sure you want to clear license information stored in EEPROM? (y/N) Yes

    A reboot is required before the clear license takes effect.

    Slot-1 switchstack1.26 # show licenses slot all
    Slot Enabled License Effective License Feature Packs
    —- ———————— ———————— ————————
    1 Edge Edge None
    2 Edge Edge None
    3 Edge Edge None
    4 Edge Edge None
    5 Edge Edge None

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