VMware Host Profile and the the option “uservars.suppressShellWarning” or “UserVars.SuppressHyperthreadWarning”


We had some older VMware hosts where there is a warning about a host being vulnerable to a particular CVE relating to the processor type, in this case the fix was not possible, but we still wanted to suppress the warning.

When applying the normal Host Profile it was grumbling about this shell warning, so we wanted to ensure it remained suppressed. To do this you can alter the Host Profile as follows:

  1. Advanced Configuration Settings -> Advanced Options -> Advanced configuration option
  2. Click the plus “+” sign to create a new option, this option doesn’t just exist already.
  3. Select advanced option “configured a fixed option”.
  4. Enter the option “UserVars.SuppressShellWarning” and then set its value to “1”.

Then remediate the host against this Host Profile.

P.s. You may also find other ones such as: UserVars.SuppressHyperthreadWarning.

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