Reset Vehicle API on Ohme Pro Charger

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Very occasionally my Ohme Pro charger loses its connection to the Nissan LEAF API which it uses to determine the battery status, this doesn’t affect the charging of the car, but just means it reports incorrect information and grumbles to say the “car isn’t charging how we’d expect”, even though it is.

Ohme customer car gave the following advice to reset the charger, which basically involves swapping the car set in the Ohme phone app to another completely different car, then set it back and log back into the Nissan LEAF API via your Nissan LEAF (Nissan Connect) credentials (username and password).

  1. Make sure the charger is unplugged. This is always important when making any changes in the app.
  2. Log out of your Nissan app and log back in. Avoid using biometric login such as facial or finger recognition and manually type in your credentials to confirm they are correct.
  3. In the Ohme app go to the ‘Manage My EV’ section and tap ‘Switch Car’.
  4. Select a different make and model to your own car. Plug the charger into the car for about 30 seconds to save this change.
  5. Unplug the charger and go back into the Ohme app, ‘Manage My EV section’.
  6. Tap ‘Switch Car’ and this time select Nissan again and when prompted to, log in with your Nissan account credentials. 
  7. Once you have successfully changed the car, you should be returned to the ‘Manage my EV’ section with the battery status showing on the right side of the car image.

Hopefully that will work for you too!

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