Schedule Reboot of Extreme Networks XOS Switch

Extreme Networks Networking

If you need to reboot a switch at a specific time, you can! Can be helpful for if you were performing a potentially disruptive configuration (where you might get cut off), you can set it to reboot after a specific period of time after you’re going to perform the configuration. Then if the configuration goes wrong (as long as you’ve not saved the config), it will reboot to its previous working state.

The other reason might be for a software upgrade, you’d perform the upgrade of the relevant XOS software upgrade (to the inactive partition). Then run the command below to schedule the reboot, which will apply the update at a later date/time.

reboot time 7 11 2023 6 0 0

So that would be:

reboot time <month> <day> <year> <hour> <minute> <second>

The example above being reboot on the 11th July 2023 at 06:00:00.

Note: Ensure that your switch’s date and time are correct before performing this, otherwise you could find it suddenly reboots when you are not expecting it!

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