Nimble Storage – Active Directory Join Fails


Seen this issue a few times even on the NimbleOS 5.x version, when joining the array to Active Directory for authentication, you get this error when performing via the GUI:

Message from Active Directory client service: Failed to join domain: Invalid configuration ("workgroup" set to '<yourdomain>', should be '<yourdomain>') and configuration modification was not requested

The only way i’ve found around this is to perform via the CLI on the Nimble, you should also pre-create the computer object in AD first to match:

userauth --join --domain_user <username> --computer_name MYNIMBLE-01 --netbios_name TURNIP

3 thoughts on “Nimble Storage – Active Directory Join Fails

  1. Great fix! One of ours puked and kept giving me the same message. Finally was able to find the above command and it resolved it. I’m guessing it’s a “feature” of HP’s latest firmware! lol

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