Disable UAC in Microsoft Windows 2012 R2

Microsoft Windows

If you like me, don’t want to have an admin prompt each time you want to save a file to a server you can disable UAC, by ensuring that all Administrators of the server don’t require approval to make minor changes.

So if you say had a file on the C: drive you were trying to update, without the setting below on, you’d be prompted to save a new file, as UAC basically makes all the files read only, unless you have got approval.

To turn this off do the following:

1. Open ‘Local security Policy’ by running ‘Secpol.msc’ in the command line.

2. Go to – Local Policies -> Security Options.

3. On the right side scroll down to ‘User Account Control: run all Administrators in admin approval mode’.

4. Change the setting to ‘Disabled’.

5. Restart the server.

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