This is the procedure to match a (VMWare Datastore and) VMWare LUN ID to the underlying storage ID on an EMC SAN. (The procedure would work for another type

of SAN as long as you can get the UUID off the SAN for each LUN.

With help from

#  KB Article: 1005587

# Updated: Aug 14, 2009

# Products:

VMware ESX

# Product Versions:

VMware ESX 2.5.x

VMware ESX 3.0.x

VMware ESX 3.5.x

VMware ESX 4.0.x

1. Running this command from an ESX 3.5 host gives a list of all the UUIDs of each of the LUNS as they are presented to the ESX host.

vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/summary/scsilun > iscsiluns.txt

Copy the text file to your machine.

2. Now take the UUID from a LUN on the SAN in this example taking LUNs 29 and 37.

To find the LUN from Navisphere, drill down into your raid groups and look for a LUN, right click and select “Properties” on the general tab you should see

the unique ID: 60:06 etc. this is the UUID.

600601606DE02100584A57537670DE11 – LUN 29

600601606de02100986b2f4b3a7adf11 – LUN 37

vmhba0:0:0    disk   Dell       VIRTUAL DISK       0200000000600508e000000000a8d8ba4420388505 564952545541   vmhba0

vmhba1:1:0    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200000000600601606de021009c6f675d0a04de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:1    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200010000600601606de02100dc40c2cd0a04de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:2    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200020000600601606de0210066ad4ac9c604de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:3    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200030000600601606de021003a6875470d04de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:4    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200040000600601606de0210034291a0cd404de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:5    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200050000600601606de021000caa8c2cd404de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:6    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200060000600601606de02100f41d1958d404de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:7    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200070000600601606de021006450da80d404de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:8    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200080000600601606de02100988c6d87d404de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:9    disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200090000600601606de021007c61aa00d404de11 524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:10   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02000a0000600601606de02100bc30ce18d404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:11   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02000b0000600601606de021000ce5e434d404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:12   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02000c0000600601606de02100f8805e3dd404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:13   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02000d0000600601606de02100d4cc9f4cd404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:14   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02000e0000600601606de02100664f9664d404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:15   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02000f0000600601606de02100eabb686fd404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:16   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200100000600601606de0210062b1f876d404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:17   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200110000600601606de02100927c1f91d404de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:18   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200120000600601606de02100162a22be370ede11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:19   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200130000600601606de02100cc0931b0370ede11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:20   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200140000600601606de0210034e7037bdb13de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:21   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200150000600601606de021008e3e9b5fdb13de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:22   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200160000600601606de0210062e6178adb13de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:23   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200170000600601606de021009a8764707b44de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:24   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200180000600601606de021000adceb7e7b44de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:25   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200190000600601606de02100e04d319c6d61de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:26   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02001a0000600601606de02100cadbae397670de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:27   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02001b0000600601606de02100584a57537670de11524149442035   vmhba1 – LUN 29

vmhba1:0:28   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02001c0000600601606de021008aa643704c7bde11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:29   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02001d0000600601606de02100f2f4f4674c7bde11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:30   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02001e0000600601606de021002086b6b47ea8de11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:31   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02001f0000600601606de0210060beb13b9addde11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:32   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200200000600601606de021006445e37ba7ddde11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:33   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200210000600601606de0210060b2646eacddde11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:34   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200220000600601606de021005405b1a931eede11524149442035   vmhba1 – LUN 36

vmhba1:0:35   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200230000600601606de02100986b2f4b3a7adf11524149442035   vmhba1 – LUN 37

vmhba1:0:36   disk   DGC        RAID 10            0200240000600601606de021008e6c3164f5b1df11524149442031   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:37   disk   DGC        RAID 10            0200250000600601606de02100e28ef880f5b1df11524149442031   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:38   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200260000600601606de021005aec3ec3f6b1df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:39   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200270000600601606de0210052791990f7b1df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:40   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200280000600601606de0210098b24703fab1df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:41   disk   DGC        RAID 5             0200290000600601606de021009a753b9c9db2df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:42   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02002a0000600601606de021009b753b9c9db2df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba2:0:43   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02002b0000600601606de02100566157059eb2df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:44   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02002c0000600601606de02100049c1c7f9eb2df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:45   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02002d0000600601606de02100059c1c7f9eb2df11524149442035   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:46   disk   DGC        RAID 10            02002e0000600601606de021000ea0339ff5b1df11524149442031   vmhba1

vmhba1:0:47   disk   DGC        RAID 5             02002f0000600601606de02100069c1c7f9eb2df11524149442035   vmhba1

Search for the UUID from the strings in the iscsiluns.txt, you should only find this appearing once for each Vmhba, if you have multiple paths you may see

the same UUID more than once.

Now from this we can see that VMWare thinks vmhba1:0:27 (i.e. LUN 27 on the VMWare ESX server) is actually LUN 29 on the EMC SAN.

3. You can right click on a VMWare datastore and select “Properties” under the “Extents” pane you’ll see the vmhba1:0:34:xx number this is the LUN(s) that

are used to make this datastore, you can match from the iscsiluns.txt file to get a UUID then look for the UUID on the EMC Lun report.

From Navisphere you can run a report to display all the LUNS so you don’t have to hunt it down manually. From Navisphere, on the left pane select “Reporting”

and then click “Generate Report” you can then create a LUN report to get all the UUIDs and their LUN ID listed.